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Ever since I was 10, I've wanted to make and edit videos. In 2007 I got my first editing software and made little home movies with a camera he got for under $100.
Years have passed, and the software has gotten more advanced, the camera is worth considerably more, and the experience has increased tenfold in one decade.
In my years of editing and filmmaking, I have learnt from such great teachers and peers at school and beyond. Film work and editing have been done for people, organisations and companies from down the street to across the country.

So far I have shot, edited and starred in short films, have created promotional material for organisations and created educational and light entertainment.


A little bit of fun with some high school friends, this set of videos honed my experiences in an editing suite. I found my style of video editing and had fun doing it. 


Much similar to the other one above, yet the jokes are more mature.


The concept of low-budget has always fascinated me. These videos used the editing skills I acquired at university plus the added bonus of making it look like an old tape. Hunkalicious Dating Service (a name I would go on to regret) parodies the old dating videos that would be filled with cheesy effects and embarrassing people.


A concept of storied videos based on the little things that make Tasmania great, Tassie Stories would chronicle the lives of ordinary people and their little activities.

Tassie Stories

Following on from the concept of Hunkalicious Dating Services, OGTV (a university project) was a twin project of myself and Tom Larkin and would parody low-budget community television, right down to the boring talk shows, cheap public service announcements, and kids characters on the verge of being a government shill.


An editing project for John Stuart, The Boss from Hell follows a documentary filmmaker in his biggest film project ever. With the amazing opportunity to film and interview none other than Satan himself, he is stunned to find out that the lord of the underworld is just a regular guy.

The Boss from Hell


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