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VHS copies of your old favourite memories? How would you like them transferred to something that you can share without the recipient needing their own VCR? With my transfer service, I can take your old memories of your holidays, your marriage, your everything, and put them on DVD or USB in high quality, 50/60fps video, ready to save and share.

With years of experience, I can transfer your old VHS, VHS-C, Beta, Video 8, Hi 8, Digital 8 and MiniDV. I can then transfer and enhance your old videos to DVD or USB in MP4 format.



Video Home System (VHS) tapes are the most common format of home video throughout the 1980s up into the early 2000s. Early home cameras would record full-size tapes before the smaller VHS-C was introduced in the late 1980s.

One tape is $45, plus $30 per additional tape


VHS-C (C standing for compact) was the smaller cousin of the VHS. Its smaller size in turn brought the size of the cameras to handheld.

One tape is $35, plus $25 per additional tape


Betamax was a direct competitor to the VHS. While it never gained the popularity that VHS did, the format was still used by a large number of home movie recorders made by Sony in the early 1980s. The quality is said to be marginally better than VHS in their highest recording modes.

One tape is $55, plus $40 per additional tape

Video 8/Hi-8

Video 8 was developed in the 1980s to rival the VHS cassette in size. This format was generally more popular as a home movie format, with updates in technology bringing more quality into the 1990s. Video 8 should not be confused with 8mm film or its successor Super 8.

One tape is $45, plus $30 per additional tape

Digital 8

Digital 8 was developed in the late 1990s as the successor to Video 8. The signals it would record were digital and could be viewed on computers using FireWire (IEEE 1388). The quality is generally better than the competing consumer tape standards of the time.

One tape is $30, plus $20 per additional tape

Mini DV

Mini DV is one of the last tape-based home movie formats before optical and hard disk storage replaced it. Also a digital format, the cassette was smaller than Video 8 standards and the quality was better, being close in appearance to a standard definition YouTube video.

One tape is $30, plus $20 per additional tape

Transfer Prices

The transfer of tapes is done using the utmost care. Tapes are checked for their condition, noting any mold or ware on the tape that could either hinder the transfer or damage the equipment. Tapes that are suspected to be overly moldy or worn may not be transferred. Tapes are transferred at their highest frame rate (or field rate) and deinterlaced for modern devices. Digital formats can be upscaled for better resolution.* Enhancements in the audio, such as removing noise, and the touching of the picture can also be done.

While converting your tapes with high precision is performed, it is sometimes not always possible. Some tapes may display signs of excessive wear (such as a tear in the image) or might be too worn to correctly transfer without doing damage to equipment. We will try everything to make sure the transfer is of the highest quality. If a transfer cannot be done of your tape, a refund shall be applied.

Please note that we will not transfer videos that have copyrighted material on them. Any pre-recorded tapes that were at once for sale will not be transferred as this would go against copyright law.**

Transfer T&C


* The upscaling of videos is not preferred as it only fills nonexistent video space with what computers think would go there. Upscaling of videos is not recommended but can be performed under request.

** Videos of off-air recordings are generally accepted on a case-by-case basis. All transfers of off-air recordings will be uploaded online to my YouTube for historical and archival purposes.

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