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Welcome to the

Toddletoon TF2 Server for Payload Lovers

This dedicated server was made by toddletoon on Steam as just a bit of fun. And I mean "fun". This server is strictly for casual play only. Don't play on this server for the use of competitive play. This server contains plugins and mods attached that affect the play of the game. As such, achievements in this server are not possible.

The map cycle is currently:

  • pl_badwater

  • pl_barnblitz

  • pl_borneo

  • pl_frontier_final

  • pl_goldrush

  • pl_hoodoo_final

  • pl_pier

  • pl_swiftwater

  • pl_thundermountain

  • pl_upward

* Note that it's a good idea not to spam cheats. Make it fun, not unfair.

Server options:

  • This server is VAC secured. No hacking.

  • sv_cheats is enabled. Command options such as noclip are allowed.*

  • Friendly fire is disabled.

  • The time for maps is unlimited and only changes when a certain number of wins are reached.

  • Respawn times are quick and there is no AFK time. Your idleness does not result in getting kicked.

  • Replays are disabled for the time being until I figure out how to serve them.

  • There is no team balancing by default. Upon request, there can be a random team shuffling.

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